Wednesday, March 28, 2007


One of the main features of our house will be a steeply pitched high vaulted ceiling with a large wall of windows looking out over the Goldstream Valley. We're having a hard time deciding what kind of windows to put in this wall! Here are three basic ideas, and one similar real example from a house Patrick and I recently photographed. Which do you like best?

Two notes: the inside and outside pitch of the roof are different, which is evident with the angled windows when viewed from outside but hidden by the rounded windows. Also, more small windows will likely cost more than fewer large windows.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


It's my birthday March 30th. My parents got me a Hitachi job site table saw. Thanks! For everybody else, here's my birthday list

ea 3 W8x21 40ft Steel I
ea 2 #4 rebar 20'
ea 7 #5 rebar 20'
ea 15 26' span trusses 12:12 over 9:12 scissor 1'4" energy heal
ea 15 BCI 5000 11 7/8 26'
ea 2 BCI 5000 11 7/8 32'
ea 1
ea 4 VL 1 3/4 x 11 7/8 26'
ea 8 BCI 5000 9 1/2 26'
1 lf 64 BC Rimboard 1 1/8
ea 42 23/32 OSB T&G floor
1 lf 96 2x6 incised treated
ea 30 2x10 12ft incised treated
ea 8 2 x10 16ft incised treated
ea 3 6x6 8ft
ea 8 4x4 12ft treated post
ea 4 4x4 16ft treated post
ea 148 2x6 8ft ceder deck board
ea 1 4x4 16ft column
ea 120 2x6 10ft dried DF
ea 16 2x6 12ft dried DF
ea 8 2x6 16ft dried DF
ea 8 2x6 20ft dried DF
ea 50 2x4 8ft dried DF
ea 120 2x2 8ft furring strips
ea 126 7/16 OSB
sq ft 1620 metal roofing+ flashing
sq ft 1620 30lb felt to cover roof area
ea 18 4x12 sheetrock
ea 100 4x8 sheetrock
ea 200 1x6 12" T&G pine
vapor barrier
sq ft 832 R-38 fiberglass 24" wide
bag celloluse 1100 sq ft cover@R-70
sq ft 1300 R-21 24" wide
ea 40 4x8 sheet R-tech or similar 1.5"
1 lf 1250 1/2 PEX tubing
1 lf 200 3/0 copper underground wire
ea 1 200 amp panel
ea 2 250' box NMB wire
ea 14 single breaker 15 amp

oh, and girl scout cookies. My favorites are Samoas and thin mints.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

land values

The realter pushed us to buy our land before the new year because he said the subdivision owner raised her prices every Jan 1. I wondered if it was just a ploy, but it turns out they were honest. I checked, and the 3 remaining lots went up in price $10,000. Now they cost more than ours did, but they're not as nice. Plus we didn't actually pay for our land until March 1.

Tree cutting party Saturday March 24th

On March 24th, Marcy's folks are coming up to help cut some trees. I know Paul is already in on this, and we'd love any additional help anyone is willing to give. We will probably start around 10am after it's warmed up a bit, and work all day with a nice lunch break. I have at least 4 chainsaws available, and lots of the work is hauling and stacking, so we could go pretty fast with a big group. Show up any time, or just stop by to say hi. We'll provide lunch.