Thursday, November 15, 2007


Apologies to all for this pictureless post. Andrew and I are now moved into our house. We finished up the final cleaning at our rental on Wednesday at 5pm. Our house wasn't as finished as we would have liked when moving in but that's just how things go I guess. Since the last post we were able to lay all of the tile, but not grout everything. We got the guest room, downstairs bathroom, and half of the living room grouted. Again, thanks to Craig, we got the boiler running and light switches in. Then the rest of the time has been spent moving and cleaning out our other place. Plus we both have a cold, so we have been super grumpy. Moving, working on the house, and colds are not very good combinations. But it's done now! Which is exciting. We can just fall into bed after working on the house.

Funny story: So for the entire summer I have managed not to go "Number 2" on our land. As I had at one point stepped in somebody else's leavings. Last night, as a form of celebration, Andrew and I went out for Thai food. Which commonly gives us stomach problems and eventually we both end up in the bathroom. So after Thai food Andrew was installing the toilet and I had to go to the bathroom really bad. Ironically the night we were installing the toilet is the night that I baptized our land with my poop. Sigh.

Monday, November 5, 2007


This weekend we did some fun stuff! Drywall and painting is done so finish work begins! We installed laminate flooring upstairs in the loft, bedroom, and two closets. It's Pergo "Colby Walnut." It goes fairly fast, but is actually hard physical work because clicking it together takes some muscle. We're sore. But, other than being dirty already, it looks awesome and makes the place start to look finished!

Then we did tiling downstairs, which is even harder. First we put down a primer and then final coat of RedGuard, which is a waterproofing and crack prevention membrane for the tile. It provides some flex as the heated floor expands and contracts at a different rate than the tile. Thanks to John, we went pretty fast after the critical first row. I spread mortar, Marcy set tiles, John mixed mortar, cleaned globules that got on the tile, selected tiles and handed them to Marcy, etc. It's a good 3 person job.