Sunday, October 28, 2007

siding, drywall

The drywall and painting crew is nearly done inside. They have primed and are doing a bit of touch up work but should paint soon. Since there is nothing we can do inside, we are working outside. We finished the wraparound deck (except for railings) and did siding on one and a half sides of the house this weekend. The hardiplank fibercement siding is fairly easy to install but has nasty dust when cut. Lou's mustache protected him. Lucky for us, the primer gray it comes in looks good enough to keep for the winter. Thanks so much Matt and Lou for coming up to help!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Outside and Stuff

So here is the news since the last time we posted. The drywall has been hung, every last bit of it. We can actually see what each room will feel like as far as size. They are now mudding and taping and say they will be completely done by this Friday. That means our house should be painted by Friday!!! The only work left on the inside is....a lot. To give you an idea: flooring (hopefully will be done before we move in), light switches, base and ceiling trim, install wooden window ledges, hang doors, install corner shower walls, toilets, sinks, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, light fixtures, etc. Outside: siding, deck stairs and rails, vents, etc. So there is a ton more to do before we are finished but we have about 3 weeks to really push for things like flooring.

Right now we are banished from the inside of the house because the mudders and tapers have taken over. So we have been working on some projects outside. Andrew and I got matching Carhartt full body suits that seem to be doing the job of keeping us warm. However they don't stay super dry and with all the snow lately our knees and butts have been getting pretty wet. It's starting to get dark around 7pm now so we usually don't stay much passed that time. However, we do have a huge work light for those nights outside that we really want to finish something. I'm starting to get anxious to move in. Even though we won't have much in the way of amenities at the beginning it will be nice to come home and work instead of driving back and forth between the two residences. What an all encompassing project.

Lou Logans up again to help us with the house (and work on Patricks website). Andrew has taken a couple days off to work with him. Full days of work really make us feel good, 2 hours at the end of the day just doesn't get lots done.

So far we have finished some of the front deck. Now we don't have to climb into the front door on rickety, construction stairs.

We have almost finished the back deck as well. It's just missing some stairs and we are going to have to buy some more cedar boards to finish it up. Check out Andrews wet butt in the first picture, hehehehe.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another day, another $19,000

Its snowing today. Last time it snowed, M&M was out digging. the foundation. It must be their queue, because today they came out to install our septic, fuel, and water tanks. We're home briefly to pick up a trailer, so more pictures will come, but here's the septic tank going in.

Also, here's a picture Marcy snapped of me crawling in the insulation space through a gable vent

Other than this, things are going well. We're fully insulated, and by the end of Sunday should have every last thing in the walls. Drywall will go up this week! Today we built the front porch, and when the water line is in we'll attach it to the house and build stairs up to it.