Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another day, another $19,000

Its snowing today. Last time it snowed, M&M was out digging. the foundation. It must be their queue, because today they came out to install our septic, fuel, and water tanks. We're home briefly to pick up a trailer, so more pictures will come, but here's the septic tank going in.

Also, here's a picture Marcy snapped of me crawling in the insulation space through a gable vent

Other than this, things are going well. We're fully insulated, and by the end of Sunday should have every last thing in the walls. Drywall will go up this week! Today we built the front porch, and when the water line is in we'll attach it to the house and build stairs up to it.


Deb and Dan said...

Looks like almost flush time, that is always a big day on the construction site. I managed to fall all the trees for Sam's friend without hitting the house or any out buildings. Turned out to be all the ropes and come alongs I had pulling the opposite direction of the lean. 6 big dead birch trees with upper branches ready to fall off at any time. The guy just got back from Iraq, awax pilot, wife and 4 kids. Saved him $600 and we got a great southern cooked meal out of the deal. We are down to the last room in the down stairs floor project. Deb loves it so I am just tickled pink, and can't wait for the next step in our home improvement projects? Might get to the cabin this week, should be cold enough to run the four wheeler in over the swampy trails on the ice at night and warm enough to put the rolled roof on during the day.

Anonymous said...

You guys are impressive, is all I have to say!! You'll be ready for a break, come Thanksgiving. Glad that is already in the works, or you'd feel too exhausted to even consider it. Hoping the selling of bodies and plasma didn't come to pass. For some reason, I didn't get these last couple of postings "notices", so exciting to see things still progressing!! You've certainly had a marvelous team of folks helping. We're all rooting for you!!! Much love from MOM