Sunday, January 13, 2008


Our kitchen is in and mostly functional! I installed the sink and dishwasher today, which finishes off plumbing for the house. A certified installer is coming tomorrow to hook up the propane for the stove. It's only $90 - well worth it considering the risks. After that, we're good to go and all we need to do is a little trim and a couple lights.

We really like the kitchen, and we better because it's the one element of the house that went significantly beyond our estimates, like double. But I think in the end it's worth it.

Instead of buying in stock cabinets, we ordered nicer cherry cabinets. Then there's the Jenn-Air stove, which is very expensive to begin with and I didn't have time so paid someone to install the downdraft ventilation, which is so tricky that it took a couple days.
Granted, it does save the cost of a stove hood, and it looks super nice. Plus we bought a cast iron sink, and a fancy faucet. But it's all part of our philosophy with the project, which is building small and efficient but very nice.

Also, a while back we finished the downstairs bathroom, so our room mate Paul can shower and stuff, but I don't think we ever posted a photo.


Anonymous said...

Holy Effin-Nice Batman! Seriously...I thought the bookshelf area was impressive, but that kitchen is tre chic.

Have you done it on the counter yet?

Deb and Dan said...

Wow! did that ever turn out nice!!!!!
It is always hard to imagine what something will look like when you are just looking at a blank space. The designers on HGTV say that kitchens sell houses and yours is really right up there with the best I have seen on their shows. Glad that you now have somewhere to cook. I have to say I really don't want to know if you have done it on the counter yet so tell Cameron that in private if you please. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Sheesus! Thats a sweet kitchen! Now how long can you keep it clean? And when does Paul shower? This is news to me.

Anonymous said...

I ACHE with envy.

Anonymous said...

So, I think I'm addicted to your blog. It's probabaly just house-envy, but I'm not sure what I'll do when it's 100% done and there is nothing new to reveal! I'll have to love vicariously through someone else for a while. On that note, pics of the stairs, please?

Andrew said...

Stair pics coming! it's nice to know people read. Makes me feel guilty for not posting more often