Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Garage and other stuff

So work has begun on our garage. Thankfully, it's work being done by someone other than me this time. We are having some contractors do the garage foundation. Below is what it looks like right now.

Also, my garden did pretty well below are the plants that are already bearing some fruit.


Yellow squash

Chop'n Broccoli

Finally some current and past Roland cuteness. In that order:

Catching some zzz's on the fouton (only piece of furniture he is allowed on)

Sometimes we just can't help ourselves...


Anonymous said...

Haha....I like Paul's musings in the background. Always a ray of bleeping sunshine. :)

Beriukay said...

That's me, a sparkly shiny ray of hope and superstition.
Roland was so little and CUTE back then! Now he's all old and stuff...