Monday, April 20, 2009


So, I thought maybe our great room could use some more color. We had the drywall guys paint it asylum white. To see what it would look like, I painted it a whole bunch of different colors, took pictures for you, my faithful readers to see, and perhaps share your input on. There are, of course, many more colors available, but I can only paint the living room so many times.

Any that don't make the cut for this room could go elsewhere. Marcy and I are currently leaning towards 2tone gray on the great room, sage in the kitchen, light blue in the bathrooms, and maybe something more bold in the office/loft.

Update: I've added colors, reduced the image size (click for full view) and removed my cheeky color names just to make it easier to see the colors side-by-side.

current color white, cream

beige, gray

sage, lighter sage

2tone gray/sage

half&half gray, choco / gray

2tone gray

light blue, dark blue

burgandy, red

Here's a color option for the kitchen that Marcy and I like, along with the 2tone gray/sage living room.

And this would be a view of the whole great room. At first I had the loft a different color, but 4 colors in one room seemed too much.

Like it, love it, hate it, vomit?

And here's another option, as suggested by my sister. I like it.

accent wall


John T Bolds said...

Really Bad Poo looks REALLY bad! I kinda like the black.

Unknown said...

Oooh, pretty! Thanks for all the hardwork Andrew...though I don't know why you bothered to repaint it so many times. With your skills in photoshop, you could've just faked it.

Hmm, I definately like all the bold color ones. Blue is very chic and gives it a jazz clubby feel. The dark (brown/black/grey?) one gives it a posh demonic book collector's feel...but the stove blends in a bit too much. Red is festive and fun, but seems to attract giant city crushing monsters. I think one of the greens is my favorite. It feels very homey. Although I'd be interested to see the colors during the daytime with the windows open to match it with the green stuff outside.

Unknown said...

Millie?! This was Cameron...bah!

Unknown said...

I think the Safe Sage looks nice (and safe)

NieNie said...

Yes, the sage looks lovely and fairly neutral. However, my favorite of the bold colors are the red and the dark blue. Maybe the lower wall a bold color (like the "half&half gray" sample) and the higher wall a white or more neutral color to lighten it up?

I LOVE Photoshop-ing paint colors! Rob did that for our house before we painted the living (burgandy) & dining (gray) rooms.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I'm not loving the split wall color. I think it takes away from your awesome vaulted ceilings and big windows. If you're considering more than one color in the great room, have you tried photoshopping an accent wall? I wonder what that would look like. I like a lot of the colors, but than again, I like color :) I also like window monsters.


Kara Stenberg said...

I like the lighter sage best and rather dislike the greys - I think grey would only look worse on overcast days.

Not sure how I feel about the two-tone split horizontal because I think it adds a strange split among the windows that kinda ruins their composition. I'd go with a strong accent wall instead of the two-tone split if you didn't want to paint everything uniformly.

Just my 2¢. :D

Anonymous said...

I like the grey/sage combination. We had a lovely sage in our Milwaukee house that I still miss. The two tones of grey are also nice. Mom