Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some details

Here are some floor plans which could be moderately final.
Click images for a bigger view.

This is the main floor. You enter into a sort of mud room with a big coat closet and a little bench, and the laundry area off to the side. Then you walk into the great room with a very tall vaulted ceiling and a big wall of windows with a view. Here there is a wood burning stove, and you can look up behind you to see the office/loft above the kitchen.

Walk up the stairs onto the loft which overlooks the great room and has an even better view out of the window wall, plus a view to the south out its own picture window. The Alaska range may be visible form here (I need to climb a tree to check that now). Through the door is the modest sized master bedroom, which has a vaulted ceiling. The bed backs up to a short wall with storage behind it, and on the other wall is a walk-in closet and a master bathroom. There's a door to a little balcony outside, which will look towards the sunset. Back on the other side, morning light from the window wall will shine through an interior window overlooking the great room below, and the inside door if it's left open.

Here is the layout of the lot. The lot is steeply sloped to the east (right) which allows for a nice view over our own trees, which block out any neighbors. We may share a driveway with the neighbor to the north, if they'll split the cost. Everything might move west and north a bit to shorten the driveway and save money, but then we're closer to the road. The lot is about 400x200 feet, or 1.8 acres.

Finally, here's the rough shape of the house, as viewed from the east. Really simple with just the one shed dormer to break up the roof line a bit. I'd like the upper windows to be a custom shape to match the pitch of the roof, and there will be a big deck on this side and half of the left side.

We're trying to decide which type of siding to put on it. Suggestions?


Deb and Dan said...

I am enjoying this blog business. I can't believe that you guys are going to open yourselves up to comments. Ha! Haaaa! This is going to be fun.
I think that you have put a lot of hard work into the plans and they are very nice. I like the fact that you guys put in a mud room. Good idea for the norhtern home. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to the pics and progress reports.

Anonymous said...

Barry suggests putting in a second sink and making the bathroom bigger for the master bedroom. Bathrooms are given very little consideration (not enough importance) says Barry.

Andrew said...

Hey guys, glad to see you're reading the blog.

I do like bigger bathrooms, but I've had a hard time finding room. If I moved the south bedroom wall north 1', I need to move the outside door in the bedroom 3'6" because it's currently to one side of the center post in the west wallh. The other bedroom door at the top of the stairs can only move a bit. I could make more room if I took one stair from the second leg and added it to the first. All this makes room for a 48" cabinet, which can have two sinks but leaves little room for counter top space, which is more important to me than "his and hers" sinks. Where we live now has a 60" cabinet with two sinks, which is pretty nice but we could live without it. If we increased the whole house footprint to 28' from 26', we'd have the extra foot. In fact, I want that space for other areas, like the kitchen. However, it means bigger or more floor joists if we go with radiant heat. So many things to consider!

Anonymous said...

Barry is sick today so I can't ask him but I think his idea was to just inch out into the office/loft a bit to extend the bathroom. Love you guys!! I am very impressed with your thoughtful planning, but not surprised.

Anonymous said...

I have just one question.... Where is the secret passageway or room? I thought this was a "must" when getting to design your own home :)