Sunday, July 29, 2007

Overdue Update

Since the last update, we've made a lot of progress thanks to all the wonderful help we've had. We made the framing for the soffit details, put up tyvek (the Fairbanks siding of choice), stained all the tongue-and-groove for the ceiling, wired the ceiling, installed much of the vapor barrier on the ceiling, installed a chimney support, put up a lot of the stained tongue and groove, blew in some of the cellulose insulation, burned off some cellulite while doing that, did some long overdue site cleanup and tool organization, fixed the muffler on the truck,

What's next? Check our calendar lower on the page. A few highlights: Several pieces of work we're contracting out happen. August first the roofers come, a week after the plumbing is roughed-in, then we finish insulating, then do wiring, then the drywallers come, and with luck by mid-september we'll have the radiant floor poured and get heat installed.

Mom hauled 1800 pounds of 2x4s. Twice. Then she carried 200 pieces of tongue and groove.

First several courses of wood ceiling tongue and groove.

Early winter? No, I'm covered in cellulose insulation.

Ciao Italia!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish I was there--you have made a lot of progress in the last month. I love the pictures; they always depict more of the fun than the agony. I want to see some grumpy, tired, builder pictures :)
Happy belated birthday to Marcy, BTW! I hope you celebrated in true Fairbanks style.

Love you both, Jess

Deb and Dan said...

Whew, you guys make us tired. Looks and sounds like all is going well. Good for you. I love the way the ceiling looks. Keep up the hard work and you should be warm this winter.
Love Mom and Dad

Marcy Phillips said...

Jess - Thanks for the birthday wishes! We'll have to put some of those agonizing pictures up soon.

Mom and Dad - I love our ceiling, thank you for the compliments. It better be warm by winter time ;)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear an update on the roof project----want to keep that wonderful ceiling nice and dry~~ we sure had fun, and Jess, there were actually very few grumpy moments!! We had a ball, but did get very tired, and glad to be home in Wisconsin once more. Love you all. Mom

Beriukay said...

What they don't tell you is how friggin' scary the tongue-in-groove process is. You've got four saw horses holding up a ladder, which is holding some boards of wood. Underneath the horses, there's a wobbly makeshift floor that has openings to the ground level. While I clung to the trusses (trying to help), Andrew and Marcy were switching places and dancing and jumping and happier than song birds. In short, either I am a coward, or they are inSANE!

M@ said...

Paul said I could find y'all here. And I did!
The house looks awesome! I'll have to keep checking in from time to time now that I know your here.