Friday, December 14, 2007

Superceding Andrews Energy Blog with Pictures!

Andrew and I have been pretty lazy lately with the blog posts so guess get 2 in one day! Sometimes I forget that Andrew is a photographer until he takes super sweet pictures. He makes our house that, in reality looks pretty messy, into a land of unicorns and fairies. We have actually been working on stuff in our house these last couple of months. We swear. It's hard to believe that we only just moved in about a month ago. Anyway, I don't have much else to say so enjoy!

Below is our upstairs bathroom. It's so close to being done, there are only a couple more things to do yet. How do you like our super awesome inset linen closet with the open shelves? The towels and stuff give it some color. Plus my days as a house keeper come in handy now. I can fold our towels all fancy.

So next is our upstairs bedroom. As you can probably tell we don't have much furniture. Currently we our using our plastic moving totes as bed stands and such. Check out the super cute mini-bifolds! They're on the window that looks down on our living room, from our bedroom. You know, the pants less oration window. The mini-bifolds are one of the custom doors that the finish carpenters did for us. Also I think our closet looks pretty neat. We got some of those nice wooden blinds for the windows. I think they match the rest of our wood really well.

Lastly you have the mock kitchen that I set up last weekend. We don't get our kitchen cabinets in until after New Years. Sorry Mom and Dad, we'll have to take you out to dinner on Christmas or cook a turkey in our microwave. The hall way picture shows our front door and the doors opening into the downstairs bathroom and Pauls room on the right. You'll notice the awesome tile floor. This is my favorite aspect of our house. I think it came out stupendously. All of the grouting is done, boy was that hard work. And the last picture is of our Utility room. It seems we can do our laundry but can't cook a decent meal.

That's it, more to come when we get more finished. Plus we now have super fast DSL so that may mean more blog posts. Yippeee!


Anonymous said...

Ooh la la!! Very beautiful!!! I'm planning to come up the last week of June and first of July, to see you and to celebrate Catherine's wedding---which may or may not fall in those weeks. Expect Christmas gifts, sent back from my visit with Jess with Maeve, to arrive via mail since Dad isn't coming up until after the New Year. Love you guys!! You're awesome, as is your house.

Deb and Dan said...

Never mind about doing a turkey in the Micro wave. I would rather miss that if you don't mind. Hey, just get some Yummy bread, deli meats, cheese and the fixin's and we can all just have some of that for Christmas. Might be hard to find a place open for a Christmas dinner out. We will have a good time no matter what happens. The house looks great hope it lives up to all your expectations energy wise. See ya soon. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

What a huge project, what a spectacular result! You have a house! Amazing. Good job guys, congratulations. It all looks really, really nice.

Kara Stenberg said...

"Super cute"? I believe those words come from the paint fumes! ;) Although they are pretty damn cool. :D Its so bizarre to see since the last time I saw your house it was all empty and the bathtub was in the ?living room?. Are the walls going to stay white and rely on furnishings for color everywhere?

Andrew said...

We may do some accent walls in color some day, but I know I for one am a color-design idiot. Do you offer interior design services?

Kara Stenberg said...

My color-choosing skills have thus far only been used on one room (success!) - everything else has been paper. If that sounds good and my car manages to survive a trip out there, my limited skills are at your service. :)