Saturday, May 2, 2009

new stuff

We've been looking for a nice table for a long time, with no luck. I considered building one, but we finally found this on craigslist. It's all real cherry, and not stained so it will darken with age and any scratches won't show a different bright wood underneath.

I'm also working on a boardwalk from our parking area to the house to make a more welcoming entry along our raised garden, and cut down on dirt and mud getting into the house. I still need to flush the boards on the right side, and then we'll plant grass along that side between the boardwalk and the garden. I screened all the gravel I dug during the process through a metal shelf to get 1" and bigger rocks, to make a nice approach and fill the spot between the boardwalk and the garage to the left. Still a little more to do.

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