Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mostly cleared

We've been working hard and we have most if not all of the clearing done. Many thanks to all our helpful friends! This is April 10th, and within a few days the snow should be gone so dirt work can commence! It could begin any day now, although it seems like winter is hanging on tough. Warm melting weather but we're getting more snow!

Looking down the driveway from near the top

At the edge of the switchback. To the right is up the driveway to the road. To the left is where the house goes, nestled behind the trees so it's fairly hidden from the road.


Anonymous said...

From Jason in a huge internet cafe in the middle of Edinburgh:
Wow! You guys are really kicking ass and taking names! From what I can see things look great! Save a little work for me, I'd love to help where I can. I'll be back in less than a month so I don't figure you'll have the house done by then... But then again... If anyone could do it, it'd be you two!

Marcy Phillips said...

Don't worry Jason there will be plenty of work left to do when you get back from Scotland. You might wish you hadn't offered to help bwahahahaha