Tuesday, June 26, 2007

2nd Floor

We are stilling "making progress" as Craig likes to say. As of yesterday we now have all of the walls up and the 2nd floor almost completely done. Soon we will sending out for the trusses and the roof. Once the roof is on we can work all the time, in rain, sun, sleet, snow, any kind of meteorological event you can think of. The below pictures are kind of old but you can see some of the recent things we have done.

Big Picture Window............2nd Floor

Looking down from 2nd floor

Weird bug I saw

I decided to put these pictures up because last weekend I participated in a community race called the Midnight Sun Run. They also have a costume contest, my friend Cameron dressed up like Luigi, I was Princess Peach and my friend JohnT was Mario. It was one of the coolest nights ever.


Anonymous said...

Nice super mushroom! Power UP! Also, pink satin is a good look for you. Super hott.

Marcy Phillips said...

Thanks! So many of the little girls loved my dress, who knew Princess Peach was such a phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

You guys are making such amazing progress! Unbelievable! Great job :)

Kara Stenberg said...

Ha, the race pics are awesome! I agree, pink satin is so you. ;)

I think the bug is a horn-tailed wasp. At least, that's what my mom calls them.