Monday, June 18, 2007


So I thought I'd update our blog. Today is the last day of our 2 week break and the house looks pretty good. We are framing the 4th wall and will hopefully have it up by tomorrow or the next day. It's been steady work since the start and going back to our regular jobs will be like a vacation from now on.

Crew that lifted wall

You can sorta see the 3 walls

House with some OSB siding

Flowers ........................Raspberries

These are for my mom, today I planted the flowers and raspberries so that they would be fully established by the end of the summer.


Anonymous said...

Your old mom says, "Wow, wow and WOW!" I am so impressed!! However, those Alaska winters can be pretty cold and drafty. You are going to patch up those holes, arent' you? Oh.....I suppose that will be one of the next crew's jobs---might be mine! Hee. Much love and support from Mom

Kara Stenberg said...

Wow! At the rate you're going, by the time we're up there next you'll have a complete house! :D

Marcy Phillips said...

Here's hoping :)