Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pike as big as a whale, you say, extraordinary!

So in the interim between blog posts I thought I'd post a picture. Pike have been introduced into the lakes around the Matanuska Valley where my parents live. They are both avid fisher persons and haven't ever caught one in the lakes here in Alaska before, until now. My Dad is now on a one man mission to catch as many pike as possible and eradicate them from Alaskan waters.


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Deb and Dan said...

I just gotta tell ya. He hasn't quit grinning since last week. They sure are fun to catch. Glad to hear you are back in business but I am wondering which business are we talking about. Last I heard you were about to embark on a new career at the street corner. Dad wants know what or who you are backing into in this business? What's a backinbusiness? :) We'er confused now.
Love Mom and Dad