Sunday, January 6, 2008

One of us is a reader

Marcy was happy to be able to fill our big built in bookshelf. She left one spot for me, but I wasn't quite able to fill it so she put some of her extra books in there as well. My books include such classics as "Do it yourself homebuilding" and "residential plumbing"

The Kitchen Begins

Also, our kitchen is finally underway! We can't wait to be able to - what's that word? Oh yeah, cook! Brandon, who has helped with trim work and roof sheathing, it setting the base cabinets and did the Jenn-air duct work, which is a major pain. Hats off to his patience. He does a wonderful job.


Anonymous said...

That book shelf is awesome!! I'm very jealous. I also love the new picture up in the's nice to finally see Andrew put some clothes on.

Kara Stenberg said...

Right on - I recognize half the books on your shelf, if not from reading them myself then from spending too much time in the bookstore staring at the shelves. ;)

(And I spotted the Xena! YIYIYIYIYIYIYIYYIIIII! :P )

Anonymous said...

What a fine looking couple~~ And a fine looking bookshelf, and a fine looking "kitchen on the way"!! Yeah for you!!

Andrew said...

Now we only dress in fine black suits, and sit in our leather furniture by our cherry bookshelf, while puffing on a pipe and pondering life's mysteries.

Jeeves! Where are my slippers and caviar!

Deb and Dan said...

Glad to see the kitchen going in. It is looking wonderful. I spotted your old friend Zena first thing. Gotta love those book shelves. I am trying to figure out which wall I want to do that same idea on. This is of course a Dan project for when he retires. Got to keep that guy busy. I have a request from Aunt Marie to see some pictures of your house so could you take one from the outside front for me? I can download the rest from your website here. You guys looked great. Hope you had a good New Year. Thanks again for the nice time we had at Christmas. Love Mom and Dad