Thursday, February 14, 2008

35 degrees above zero



Anonymous said...

True that, homeys, true that.

Anonymous said...

I like how you changed it to "wow" --is that so your site is kid friendly?


Andrew said...

I wondered if anyone would notice. But whats wrong with wtf: Wow! Tenacious Fahrenheit!, in this case.

Or, wholeheartedly truthfully fulfilling

wholewheat thin fettuccine?

worrisome tiny farts?
wrecked the ferrari
wranglers. they're farout
weigh the fatty!
wrestling tumultuous french


Anonymous said...

"Why think fearfully?"
"Want the facts?"
"Would this fit?"
"Wheres the feeling?"
"Who tolerates fickleness?"
"When they freeze"
"Want to fight?"
"Will they fall?"
"Would taste food"