Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our Jenn-Air stove kicks butt

We went all-out with our stove and spent a fair chunk of change (at least we got 30% off by buying all our appliances at once and signing up for a sears card at the same time)

I really enjoy cooking, and especially enjoy cooking on gas. It heats up and turns off instantly. But it can have some problems, like difficulty turning down enough without the flame going out.

Not a problem on this stove. All four burners are different, and one turns down to a "melt" setting. It also has a super burner to boil water quickly, and one extra wide, dual ring burner for big fry pans or woks.

The grates remove easily, and underneath is a smooth glass surface that's easy to clean and doesn't catch grime in hard to get at holes.

Also, it's a downdraft vent, so no vent hood is needed. It sucks the smoke and grease down, and it actually works pretty well except for tall pots.

Marcy is more of the baker, but the oven part is fancy too. It has a convection fan which blows around the air so you can cook multiple sheets of cookies at once, or cook other things about 25% faster.

Most importantly, it's pretty!

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Kara Stenberg said...

Ohhh, the double ring burner sounds particularly nice - I hate having to scoot a large pan around on a burner or use a diffuser to spread the heat.