Monday, May 12, 2008

It's a boy!

Today we added an important piece to the house: a puppy! We picked him up in Anchorage this morning and drove all the way to Fairbanks. What a chill dog! We thought he'd have difficulty with such a long drive, but he just relaxed, slept, and never even peed in the car. We stopped a few times to play outside and those were the only times he pee/ooped. In fact it's pretty easy to predict. 30-60 seconds after eating and he goes. And after waking up. And before going to bed. And most of the time.

He doesn't seem to have any problems with our tile and laminate flooring, and our flooring doesn't seem to have any problem with his housetraining. He's really friendly to people, very calm, and just seems like a nicely mannered dog. Of course we've only had him for an afternoon, but we're happy to be dog owners.

Oh yeah, we named him Roland, after also considering Winston, Atticus, Pippen, Grimble, and several others.

Marcy and Roland in his pen. We'll put him in there when we're both at work, about 5 hours while Marcy is on half time. Those stains aren't from the dog, they're from me. No, not that, it was a dropcloth for wood finishing.

Roland in his cat bed

Roland with Uncle John


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to have a nephew-puppy. Now your house is a home. Can't wait to play with him in another month...

~Auntie Jess

Unknown said...

Congrats on the Puppy! Keep up with the pictures (ok, of the house too). Love, Chanda

alligator said...

Cute puppy!!! How is the yelling of "Roland" when he is naughty? It seems like a difficult name to yell... Maybe he will be Rollie for short? My dog's name is Oso and it is harder to yell than I would really like...
Good luck with the potty training/chewing!
I'm sure he'll be tons of fun!

Anonymous said...

Roland is such a cute little thing, so sweet! congratulations you guys. I'm happy for you :) though you got me for a second with the "it's a boy!" title! also, I love the name.