Friday, May 23, 2008

Sided and Painted

Last weekend Andrew and I had some amazing help from my Mom and Dad. They came up to paint and ended up doing numerous other tasks. Like helping us finish the last bit of siding and dog sitting our puppy. Together they painted 2 sides of the house on their own! It really was just the extra push we needed. So thank you Mom and Dad for your help!

Dad Painting, I didn't happen to get a picture of Mom painting but she was working really hard too!

Dad on one side Andrew on the other.

I don't know if you can see this very well but the color difference between the primer on the house and the color we painted the house are very similar. The new color was just the slightest bit more chocolaty. Kudos to Mom and Dad again because the house really was tough to paint. When the house paint went on wet it matched the primer color, so you had to wait a few minutes for it to dry before you could tell if you made any mistakes.

Below are pictures of each side newly painted and sided. All we have to do now is put up the last of the roofing material around the soffets and the deck railings and the house will be finished enough for our mortgage!

Below are the dormer sides.

And because I can, more Roland!

Here is a picture of the new family together!

The above picture is courtesy of Andrews camera going wonky. However, I thought it was kind of cool and artsy. So I put it on the site.

Last but certainly not least I got this super cute picture of Roland today. He sits when I ask him too most of the time. He has gained 3 lbs in a week and has already lost his infant puppy wrinkly nose. Sigh...he's so adorable!


Anonymous said...

Love the pic of the new family.... Are you sure you live in Fairbanks cus dual square frames are screaming Europe to me!

Andrew said...

The paint is a little more brown in sun. I call the color "My first poo(tm)"

Troy Bouffard said...

Roland is super cool, can't wait to meet him.
So, according to your schedule, the house gets expanded soon, with the likes of a shop/garage?
How big did the deck end up?

Kara Stenberg said...

Roland is the cutest! Wow. Maybe since you didn't get to do a time-lapse of the house you guys could do a time lapse of Roland sitting on the tile floor. :D