Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dirt work day 2

Despite the heavy snow and rain, work continued. Marcy and I went to check progress, and Marcy had to leave me there because she had work. It turned out I had to stay and direct, and then cut down more trees at, if I may say, an astonishing rate. Then I had to move the biggest wood pile. For the second time. It's safe to say I'm beat.

Cody (the dozer operator) finished shaping everything and got the tailings base, supplied by two drivers of big end-dump trucks, spread over the driveway and turnaround/parking area.

Beginning of the day................... End of day

They flattened out the area for house and garage, and we made some changes to the foundation design. It will be flat under the entire house, so it won't look like it's up on stilts. We also no longer need to build seismic bracing or buy as much expensive galvanized or stainless steel.

House pad

There's plenty of work left. We need gravel on spread over everything, fuel and water tanks buried, and a septic system designed and installed. The septic will require more tree clearing, but only in the path of our view, which is what we planned on anyway.

Everything looks pretty good. The only thing not ideal is there had to be a big cutbank at the end of the driveway. Contouring would have required cutting many more trees out. Oh well.


Deb and Dan said...

Wow, I haven't been to the blogg in a while. Things sure look different when a clearing is made in the woods.
Andrew, you will have lots of muscles in those arms if you have to move that wood pile anymore. Looks great! We hope that that is the last snow storm of the season. Love Dan and Deb

Marcy Phillips said...

It looks really different, and after yesterday things seem to be coming together. It's crazy how fast things are going!