Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stop by, Lend a Hand

From June 2nd through the 18th, Marcy and I will probably be on site nearly continuously (maybe even camping at night). So stop by to say hi or lend a hand.

We'll be building the floor deck and then the outside deck, so there's stuff anybody can handle, like staining deck boards, driving screws, etc. And no frantic race against time like with the cement.


Anonymous said...

This is all good stuff, we have the camper looking good and sounds like we will have camping bud's. I will have to do #1s or #2s while working my you no whats off. Maybe renting a porta potty would be good for that time period. I would be glad to pay for it for Deb's comfort.Long trip back to Moose mountain, us old people might not make it in time. Dan

Marcy Phillips said...

Dad...Andrew and I will look into getting a port-o-potty, we had thought about rigging up a temporary outhouse but if a port-o-potty is cheap we'll just do that.