Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Why aren't we doing anything?

You may be wondering why progress seems slow (or nonexistent). Its the DOT seasonal weight restrictions. Until these are lifted, no big heavy equipment can be transported, and dump trucks can only haul partial loads. Should be soon though. Other regions are opening up, and finally today our road was raised from 75% axle load to 100%. Later they'll allow the overloads required to haul stuff efficiently.

To follow the exciting world of weight restrictions for yourself, visit http://511.alaska.gov/ , then click weight restrictions, then "statewide weight restrictions", then expand "transportation & public Facilities" , then weight restrictions.

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Andrew said...

I was wrong. Only 1/2 mile of Goldstream road opened. From the Steese to the Goldstream Creek crossing. I thought they meant the OTHER Goldstream Creek crossing past our house. They opened this so the gravel yard right there could operate.

SOON! it will be soon!