Saturday, April 19, 2008

Siding Adventure: Updated X2

We are beginning to dedicate the entirety of our weekends to the house again. Yippee! We've been trying to work on the siding the last couple of weekends but have had some blips here and there. Winter seems to want to stick around a bit longer then normal. I'll put up some pictures in chronological order.

Below you'll see the siding that Paul and Andrew put up on a gorgeous Friday afternoon two weekends ago. Andrew and I spent some time chopping wood after work during that week.

Below is the back side of the house that Andrew and I did last Saturday.

The below pictures are from today. Here's us getting set and ready to begin siding up high on the door side of the house. We're using ladder jacks and made a platform to set on them so that we didn't have to move our big heavy ladders around. Setup actually took us the better part of the morning because we had to shovel snow off of everything.

Below is us getting to work finally (after we took a short break for a game of Settlers). Andrew looking cute as he runs around on the platform. The platform makes me nervous. I'm ok going up on the high ladders but for some reason the scaffolding makes me a bit shaky. I guess because it wobbles alot. The second picture is pretty much where we finished today. We only got about 7 rows done. Setup took most of our time but tomorrow we won't have to worry about that.

This is me wearing those big red sound barrier ear muffs. Thank you to Lou for sending them to us, so far there hasn't been a day that Andrew and I haven't worn them.

Update 4-20-08: Starting to take shape
We worked all day today too, but only got 9 rows! It slow work up high, with windows to cut around, and roof angles to deal with. We also dug (chipped) out soffit material from the snow (ice) and cut the pieces and put up two. The 16 foot platform I made is heavy as hell, but it really helps to be able to nail all the way across without moving ladders. I plan to work a little every evening this week and we'll post pictures as we go.

Update 4-23-08: Soffit, Fascia
On Monday I worked alone and did just a bit. I put up two more soffit boards and a couple pieces of the aluminum lower fascia wrap, which is one of the low (or zero) maintenance parts of our house. Nails, caulk, etc. should disappear with paint.

Tuesday we didn't work at all because of a game of Settlers of Catan, and today we got back to it and are nearing the top of this tallest side of the house.

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Andrew said...

Did I mention Marcy is the best helper ever? She keeps me supplied with boards and her cuts are always spot on.