Thursday, April 10, 2008

Year in review

It's just starting to warm up enough for us to finish outside, but some recent late snow has slowed us down. It's now been about a year since we just began clearing trees. Here's a quick review of what's happened. It sure seems like more than a year! What's next? I still hope that we will finish 100% in May, exactly 1 year after the foundation started. Stay tuned...

Unadulterated land

Adulterated Land, March 2007

Driveway with topping, May

In the footing hole

Foundation beams, June

Floor joists

Picture window wall

Setting trusses

Great room taking shape

300 pound window installation

Gypcrete radiant floor, September

Siding in October before it gets too cold

Tile work, November, just before move in

Important first finished room, December, just after move in

Important second room to finish, January 2008

The great room nearing completion, February


Anonymous said...

Oh my oh my oh my. It is stunning. I can see why you love it. Can't wait to see it "up close and personal" in June. Hold me a space. Love, Mom

Troy Bouffard said...

I think you photoshop'ed the whole thing