Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Siding with Fibercement: A Pain

Fibercement is considered a high end product. It is made from wood fibers impregnated with cement. We're using Hardiplank brand. It lasts a long time, offers some fire protection, is rot resistant, can be painted unlike vinyl but paint lasts a long time unlike wood. We chose it because of this, and installation does not require much special skill. However, it's a pain to work with! It can bend when not carried carefully, it's very heavy (think cement), and it creates dangerous silica dust when sawn.

This summer we're building a garage next to the house and we want the buildings to match, but I'm tired of fiber cement! Lucky for us, there's another product that looks the same, called LP smartside lap. It is a treated OSB product covered with resin saturated, primed paper. It cuts like wood, is longer for fewer seams, weighs half as much, and costs less. I don't trust it as much for moisture resistance and longevity, but the garage is shorter, with longer roof overhangs, and no moisture producing showers inside to permeate under the siding.

Despite all my complaining, we realized recently that that at $4 a square foot, all this siding would cost us around $7000 to have installed. It's probably 7 good weekends of work, so we're not making a bad wage!

We want your comments on colors
Speaking of siding, we need to choose color soon! Any suggestions to go with our blue roof? The primer gray, which is slightly warm actually looks pretty good. I'm leaning towards something similar but darker, or maybe more brown-gray. The window frames can not be painted.


Anonymous said...

We thought slighter darker gray would look great as well--light slate color?

~Jess and Nate

Andrew said...

Craig votes cream. I think both would work.

Deb and Dan said...

The first color that came to my mind was gray also. A silver gray. Hope you don't get to much snow up your way. We are getting quite a bit today. Started around 9 this morning and is going strong. Dan went golfing yesterday and I worked up some of my flower beds. So we did that just in the nick of time. Keep us all informed with the color choice. Love Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

So that fibercement stuff is fire resistant and it looks to hold up pretty well against the swarms of the hungry undead (see the fall Consumer Reports: Unwanted Guest Protection article).

Andrew said...

We take zombie protection very seriously. Like a carbide tipped saw blade, zombie teeth are quickly dulled by fiber cement. Should they manage to chew their way into our abode, their teeth will be far less effective on human flesh.

Lou said...

Craig would vote for Cream, but I'm not a big fan of The Clap-ton.