Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Garage has shrunk

Not only did the garage foundation cause damage to my driveway and end up with a bad finish on the slab, but it turns out there's more!

Why oh why didn't I check the foundation before they poured? I just trusted that they knew better than me. However, the garage foundation turns out to be incredibly out of square, and one side is a whole 3 1/2 inches short. For reference the house foundation (which we did) is within 1/16th of an inch.

You can correct for an out-of-square foundation to some extent by hanging the walls over the edge, but not 3 1/2 inches! So I had to shrink the garage by 2 inches. This makes it a little difficult down the road since 24 feet works out just right for six 4 foot sheets of OSB, foam insulation, etc. Luckily the important dimension was accurate enough so the trusses bear on walls where they're supposed to.

Last night I figured this out and corrected it, and bolted down the accurately squared treated sill plates to build the walls on. That's one of the harder parts now done. We'll be framing this weekend, and should even have the roof on by Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Have a fun garage build/visit with dad. Wish I could be there too.


Anonymous said...

Jacqueline and I are manning a public hearing here in Wisconsin and have a moment of down time. We are wondering if you can collect any "damages" or recoup any of your payment to the contractors who poured the slab? If not, Jacqueline and I will come up and harrass them. Love, Wisconsin Mom