Thursday, August 28, 2008

Garage progressing

Just a little progress this week. Marcy and I caught colds and also have our real jobs to deal with.

However, yesterday I put in all the fiberglass wall insulation, mostly to get it out of the way and brighten it up in there.

Today we painted the one side so we can stack firewood there. The long LP spart lap siding only takes one and a half pieces to span the entire length of the garage. It was pretty quick work.

One side foamed, sided, and painted up to the eves. I'll paint those with an airless spray gun later.

The eves vents. The gap below makes up for the thickness of the additional foam insulation we put on the exterior.

I quick painted one section for a photo. The sprayer will get in the hole better. Drilling 48 2.5" holes wasn't particularly fun, but it's recommended to have at least 1 square foot of venting per 300 square feet of roof, with half at the eves and half near the ridge. This allows cool air to flow above the insulation to keep the roof cooler so it doesn't bake in the summer and so it doesn't form icicles in the winter.

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